Commercial Spaces

We provide flexible services to support designers and architects at any stage of a project.

Engineering Consultation

Obtain all the necessary documentation prior to production.

  • Design Ideation, 3D CAD Models, 3D Renderings, Rapid Prototyping

  • Blueprints, Technical Drawings

  • Fabrication Logistics (molds, jigs, fixtures, etc.)

  • Constructibility Review


Project Management

We oversee product fabrication so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Creation of technical drawings, bill of materials, and related documentation

  • Quality control and logistics management

  • Outsourcing specialists through our network of contractors and specialty artisans

  • Contract bidding, cost estimations, and reduced material pricing through our company partnerships

Technical blueprints

Batch Fabrication

If you need the highest quality finishes or prototypes, we'll be sure to meet your expectations. Our clients have exhibited at major venues, including ICFF (NYC) and Salon del Mobile (Milan, Italy).

  • Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machining

  • Reproduction and 3D Scanning

  • Metal and Wood Fabrication (veneering, steambending, welding, etc.)

  • Difficult-to-fabricate objects

Machined parts

Work with us.

Sample Material Options

White Oak

Textured, Sustainable


Even texture, Bendable




Fine texture


High impact resistance

Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant


High strength, Machinable


High strength


Translucent, Water resistant

Stoneware (e.g. Ceramic)

Reproducible, Water resistant

Stone (e.g. Granite)

Durable, Water resistant


Durable, Water resistant


Textured, Dense

C N C machining

Precision Machining

Our solid carbide tooling provides precision machining of metals, wood, and plywood. We support the fabrication of initial prototypes and batch run production.